Effective Weed Control Tips

Some types of weeds are considered to be the worst enemy by most of the homeowners because they are difficult to control them. Some of these weeds never die easily. Even the best gardeners and landscapers are needed to deal with the persistent weeds. There are some methods which have been proven to be very effective in controlling and reducing weeds.

Learn how to recognize weeds

This is a very critical step when it comes to weed control. One should understand that there are some weeds that grow whenever and wherever they want to. Weed seeds exist in almost all gardens and lawns. These weeds are dispersed easily by the various agents such as water, soil amendments, animals, and the wind.

Classes of weedsklcbncnnvnlwbvbwv

They are classified into three categories. These are:
Annuals- these are weeds which take a single year to, germinate grow and produce seeds.
Biennials- these are weeds that live for two years. Vegetative development takes place in the first year while seed development takes place in the second year.
Perennials- these weeds live for many seasons, and they produce seeds after every year.

These are some of the effective tips you can apply to control weeds your lawn and garden

Mowing higher

You need to know that mowing too low weakens the grass’s turf. This helps to reduce the ability of leaves to manufacture or produce enough nutrients thereby suppressing the growth of the grass. This also allows light to reach the soil surface which facilitates the sprouting and growth of weeds. You are advised to consult the local extension service as they would help you in determining the best mowing height for the grass type in your garden. Remember that grass growing well has healthier roots. A thick lawn helps in keeping the weeds out.

Feeding your lawn

Just like any plants, lawkawsxsdvkvdkbjvdlkns needs nutrients to grow. You should, therefore, feed them regularly to ensure that they develop healthy blades and roots. Healthy roots help the lawn to absorb water and nutrients from the soil facilitating its vigorous growth.

Control the available weeds

Weeds can be controlled either by the application of the appropriate herbicides or by uprooting by use of your hands. Uprooting is considered to the best method of weed control because it is eco-friendly. By this method, the weeds are pulled close to their base and then lifting them with their roots. However, the method is not practical where the size of the garden and lawn is very large.

Watering the lawn evenly and properly

Lawns need to watered regularly for proper growth. You can use the sprinklers or watering cans. Lawn reticulation can also be installed as this helps in saving time when watering is done.