Purchasing The Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

Heating water in a home amounts to almost twenty-five percent of the total energy bills. Due to this water heater that holds less than fifty-six gallons of water require a four percent efficiency boost in power. However, water heaters that keep more than the fifty-six gallons are more economical in the sense that they cut your energy bills by twenty-six percent depending on the energy technology used in the heater. It is prudent to consult a manufacturer or a professional before making a purchase.

Below is some factor to consider when buying a water heater:

Find Capacity

The cost of most water heaters is solely dependent on the gallons of water the heater can store. A family has to consider its size and needs before choosing the capacity of the gallon it wants to save the water. As a key consideration factor in the first-hour rating and gallons per minute for a storage water tank and a tankless water heater respectively.
The first-hour rating and the gallons per minute is an indicator of how much hot water can be delivered in set time limit e.g. forty-five minutes. Depending on how you ae using the hot water it will eventually become less hot as the time passes. The water depending on the working of the model will get back to full first-hour rating after a cycle. A professional should be contracted to help you calculate the water capacity you will require in any given session.


A water heater does not hold water when on demand if it does not have an extra storage tank that holds water. A water heater has a rating of how much hot water a heater tank can produce in a session. The rating is called gallons per minute. You will always get the hot water unless you are getting water from two different sources e.g. kitchen and bathroom. If you require water in the two-different rooms, then you may consider having two units in the house.

New one

Getting a new water heater may be a solution or an expensive venture in the long run. If you buy a new water heater, you may consider the insulation charges, improving efficiently of the old ones. Some water heaters may be taller or have a wider with than the of one thus amounting to storage adjustments.

Types of water heaters

The water heater you settle on will be based on the size of your family and need for water. The fuel options are many e.g. gas, electricity and oil. Some model of water heater cut the general energy cost. However, you have to look at the installation costs in general so as make a choice.