Different Types Of Roofing

Different Types Of Roofing

The roof is meant to provide protection for the building on which it is put. It is a necessity to protect the building from the harsh environmental conditions as well as the occupants of the building. Different structures dictate different roofing styles. There are different types of roofing that one can choose from.

Gable roofing

ggghghfddfffdIt is popularly used on homes. It involves using two roof surfaces of the same size. They are then pitched back to back on the same angle producing a ridge at the top part. It is a simple design making it the most preferred type of roofing. It is also good for ventilation and provides good ceiling space. Caution should be taken when this type of roofing is used in areas prone to high winds.

Cross gabled roofing

It is almost similar to the above but consists of two parts crossing each other. The next stage is placing the two parts together at right angles forming ridges perpendicularly to each other. The heights and lengths of the sections don’t have to be the same. It is commonly used for Tudor and Cape Cod houses.

Flat roofing

This type of roofing is flat but has a slight slope which helps to shed off the water when it rains. It is the most economical type of roofing due to the fewer materials required. Despite being economical, one may need to reroof every ten or twenty years. Pools of water on the roof also need to be cleared often to prevent damages on the roof. This makes it not suitable for areas which have rain and snow in plenty.

One should go for the roof type that best suits their structure to complement its general look. This should also be determined by the design of the house and also the preference of the owner.

After deciding on the different type of roofing one should then decide on the roofing material. Here are some of the roofing materials.


It durable and has lower maintenance costs. It also helps to retain heat hence makes it an energy saving material. It can be easily repaired in case of any problems.


It is also used as a roofing material since it is a good insulator. Repairs can also be done easily on it. However, they are prone to rot and mildew can grow on them. This requires that they are treated with a special chemical to prevent this.


Metals like iron, aluminum, and copper are commonly used. They are very durable and they come in different styles making them also a preferred material. The main disadvantage is that they are very noisy especially when it rains.


gfgfgfggfdsdsdsThis is a special material which gives the building a classy look. It is very durable which makes it very expensive. This is because it does not crack or dent easily. However, it requires proper maintenance for it to last long.

The material which one uses should be dependent on the climate of the location of the building. One should also consider the cost of acquiring the material and maintenance versus how long the material will serve them.…